About ols

Oliver Leaver-Smith, better known as ols, is a distinguished technologist currently working as a Data Operations Manager at a global sports betting, gaming, and entertainment provider.

His topics of expertise include OpenBSD, automation, chaos and resilience engineering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Nerf warfare; he also takes an interest in security, privacy, opensource, decentralisation and federation, hardware hacking, and cyberdecks.

He is a strong proponent of open software and concepts, and the culture of hackers, makers, and breakers.

Interested in technology (specifically how it breaks) from a young age, his first foray into Linux was in 2003 when, while blindly following the installation instructions in Sams Teach Yourself Red Hat Linux, he upgraded his dad’s Windows XP machine to Red Hat 9. This resulted in him getting his own computer, so has been widely regarded as a good thing.

ols likes to talk about things, regardless of whether anyone is listening. If you are interested in previous talks, you can find details over on the media page.

Contacting ols

If you want to contact ols, you can do so by sending an email to his public inbox at ~ols/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. You can see the inbox here. Your messages to this address will be seen by anyone browsing the inbox. Private emails should be sent to firstname at secondname with no hyphens dot com, and can be encrypted with a PGP key.

You can also reach ols on IRC. He is on Libera Chat and tilde.chat (amongst many others) as ols.

About this site

This site is build using ssg, using a custom theme created by ols. The source will be published once it is in a fit state to do so.

Currently, a build is done locally once changes have been made, and the generated static site is uploaded to a server running OpenBSD. A full post on how the site is held together with httpd and relayd is both overdue and in the works.

External links can be identified as a result of the ↗ symbol after them, for example DuckDuckGo. You can find more information about external links on the links page of this site.

Do you have a comment to make on this content? Start a discussion in my public inbox by emailing ~ols/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. You can see the inbox here.