Oliver Leaver-Smith, better known as ols, is a distinguished technologist currently working as a Devops Engineer at Sky Betting and Gaming. His topics of expertise include OpenBSD, automation, chaos and resilience engineering, and Nerf warfare.

He is also interested in security, privacy, opensource, decentralisation and federation, hardware hacking, and cyberdecks.

Interested in technology (specifically how it breaks) from a young age, his first foray into Linux was in 2003 when, while blindly following the installation instructions in Sams Teach Yourself Red Hat Linux, he upgraded his dad’s Windows XP machine to Red Hat 9. This resulted in him getting his own computer, so has been widely regarded as a good thing.

His productivity took a bit of a hit when he discovered WinMX, Morpheus, LimeWire, et al., recovering when he discovered chat platforms Habbo Hotel, mokitown, and Coke Music. He became fascinated with how they were exploitable, and so much more fun when being used outside of their intended purposes.

You can contact ols through email (PGP key), twitter, mastodon, irc, or xmpp.