/dev/greet: Invading Kernel Space

If you’re like me and enjoy having a time-specific salutation in your scripts, but don’t want to keep implementing the same “what time of day is it” logic, then you could easily create a script which does just that. But why then spawn another shell from within your script just to have it tell you the time of day? It would be much simpler to run cat /dev/greet and get an appropriate salutation, right?

A URL shortener with an interesting storage backend

I’m all in favour of boring data stores in production systems, but when you are writing things for personal use then you owe it to yourself to be experimental. This time… I might have gone too far.

OrGY: My Personal Technology Stack

Most system operators will have had experience with the LAMP stack. Comprising Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. There are a number of alternatives out there, and so I thought I may as well document my own preferred tech stack for personal projects.

Better Dockerfiles

There are things we all know we should do but quite often don’t bother with. Using multi-stage Dockerfiles to reduce the size of images is one of them; not running containers as root is another.

February in Review

Review of February 2021. The first of (potentially) many month in review posts

Injecting Golang variables at build time

Sometimes you want variables to be baked in to your application, but not present in source control. This is one such method in Golang

Learning C

My latest quest on the adventure of becoming truly t-shaped

Containers Homework

Every day is a school day. Why do the bare minimum when doing something different is so much fun?