February in Review

February 28th, 2021 on ols.wtf

Self-reflection is a really healthy activity. A few blogs I follow do some sort of status update every month (Pawlean, Drew DeVault, Simon Ser) and so I thought I would give it a try, instead of just1 random adhoc tweets. If you are reading this blog post months into the future, and it’s the only one of its kind, then you know exactly how this experiment went.


I will shamelessly rip off ideas for the format of these updates from other blog posts that have already done it better than I could.

As this is the first of its kind, I will outline the format of the post as such:

  • Work related review
  • Personal life review
  • Things for the community
  • Quick fire review of film, TV, podcasts, music, and people


Work continues to be challenging, which is always welcome. My main project at the minute is a cloud/edge solution for putting our customer-facing endpoints behind maintenance and outage banners, which is a damn sight more slick than our current offering. As well as this, I am working to make our vulnerability reports a lot more grok-able, specifically by not using the provided csv file, and instead writing a nice front end which allows for sorting and filtering with a single click.


February marks the beginning of the end of Lockdown 3.0. It has been an absolute shitter, but the kids are going back to school starting March 8th, and that for me is the start of normality.

We have made sure to keep going on family walks and trips to the park, supporting local businesses like the café as much as we can; their vegan cake selection helps a lot.

I’ve started writing a link aggregator (in Golang, obviously) that uses Markdown files with YAML frontmatter to generate the feed. It’s trying, but enjoyable.


A couple of days ago I had the wild idea of starting a podcast, as of now there is a trailer episode up and a website too. Twitter keeps suspending my account for some reason, so I need to work out why that is. The podcast is called DevopsTales and will hopefully be entertaining and informative. I have had some interest in collaboration from some well-known people in the Devops space, so hopefully this comes to fruition.

I realise I have still not had time to work on Sheffield Devops, and this saddens me. I need to build the time into my schedule to allow me to properly focus on it.

Quick fire

🍿 The kids have had A Bug’s Life on repeat this month. I’ve not watched it since I was younger. I got the “many smaller beings can stand up to bullies” rhetoric at the time, no problem, but it wasn’t until rewatching it as an adult that I really picked up on the “workers take back control when they seize the means of production” undertones klaxon.

📺 Kayleigh and I rewatched the entirety of Miranda with Poppy. She loved it, and it wasn’t as rude as I remembered. We have been waiting for the latest series of Unforgotten to start, and were not disappointed when it did. I wish it was one episode per night though, rather than one per week.

🎙 Shameless plug that I was on the Software Misadventures this month, so a lot of my listening was having this on repeat in teh vicinity of others so I could say “oh yeah, that is me”. I missed out on the drama around Reply All and the toxic workplace accusations, but I listened to the episode A Message from the Staff of Reply All as it appeared in my stream and do wonder what on earth has gone on. It appears to be to do with unionising, but further research is needed I think.

🎶 A little strange this month, so do stay with me. Turkish electronica has been playing the majority of the time on my Spotify. Along with firm favourites The Reytons, The Beatles, MJ, and Diana Ross at dinner time.

👤 Shout out to my dad who drove across town to fetch some turbo cleaner when my car packed in. It didn’t help and the car is FUBAR, but as always it’s the thought that counts.

  1. These will continue, don’t worry 

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